Do we need a special kitchen?

No. If there is specific prep that will be required ahead of time, I can take care of that.

Where can we meet to discuss menu/details?

Please send an email via the “Contact Us” page and we’ll make further arrangements if needed, at that time.

Do you have a set menu and prices?

There is no set menu. Rather, I will collaborate with you to create a menu that reflects your individual personality and preferences. Cost is $75 per person and up and $25 per hour, per server with a five-hour minimum, plus tax and 20 percent gratuity.

How many can you serve?

I can prepare dinner with sit-down service for eight to 20 people. Buffet-style service is for larger gatherings, with a maximum of approximately 40 people.

Do I need to provide my own tableware?

You can provide your own or tableware can be rented at an additional cost.