But first, an introduction to CHARLIE’S NEW BOOK!

Recipes and Rambles that made Adele’s a Nevada hot spot

Forty years of cuisine and history as told by Chef Charlie Abowd

Carson City, Nevada – March 21, 2023.

Nevada politics, history and fabulous recipes combine for an entertaining memoir by renowned Chef Charlie Abowd, in the long-anticipated, “Recipes and Rambles that made Adele’s a Nevada hot spot,” is now available for pre-order.  This “James Beard Award” winning chef has spent his life immersed in his three passions – cuisine, music, and politics. Growing up in the tumult of the 1960s San Francisco music scene mixed with Vietnam War protests and activism, while learning the art of cooking at his parents’ Bay Area restaurants, formed Charlie’s future.

He promoted concerts and provided stage lighting for the biggest bands of the time, while living in the Santa Cruz mountains. This passion continued throughout his life.  During its iconic forty-year run, Adele’s Restaurant, and later, Café at Adele’s in Carson City, became legendary for fine dining, musicians, and celebrities that visited, and where Nevada’s movers and shakers gathered.

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Around its tables and over delicious cuisine, business people and elected representatives made deals and negotiated legislation. Adele’s played a pivotal role in bringing people together to benefit the greater Nevada good. Charlie has seen it all and now shares his stories interspersed with his patrons’ favorite recipes, some taken from Nevada Appeal archives and others published for the first time.  The book features a forward and farewell by Nevada journalist Jon Ralston, owner of The Nevada Independent and images by some of Nevada’s top photojournalists and photographers.

What “Charlie’s Table” can do for you…

For your next gathering, consider inviting Chef Charlie Abowd into your home, where he will create a multi-course meal uniquely your own, to share with your guests. Chef Charlie will work with you in order to provide epicurean delights that reflect your personality and desires. He can also provide wine and beer recommendations best suited to your menu selections, as well as all necessary tableware and equipment, if needed.

Thanks to his storied career, Chef Charlie is an award winning and nationally known chef. Of the myriad awards bestowed on him and Cafe at Adele’s over many years, it was the invitation to cook at The James Beard House in New York City in November 2005, that stands as his personal pinnacle. He was especially honored as this was where his inspiration, Julia Childs, had cooked. This two-week excursion, while a lot of work, was one of his greatest professional accomplishments and joys. Chef Charlie brings to every dish a unique interpretation, often influenced by his Lebanese heritage and always sought after by a dedicated following. Follow this link to see a very special video of the James Beard House adventure.

Today, he brings all that talent and goodness to your kitchen with Charlie’s Table @ Your Home.

Here are some ideas you can discuss with Charlie for that special meal…

Appetizers & Small Plates

A specialty at Adele’s – Falafel

Charlie offers a wide variety of special appetizers and/or small plates perfect for a lite meal for your guests or as a prelude to one of Charlie’s famous entrées.

Salads & Soups

Chose from a large variety of soups and salads for your special meal.

Entrees & Deserts

You will have a choice of a full selection of very special entrees with a recommendation for a wine paring. Fabulous deserts will provide a perfect finishing touch.

Next Steps…

Chef Charlie will work with you to provide a unique culinary experience… Contact Charlie via an email …